MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Hospitals across the country are experiencing the shortage of contrast dye a medicine use for medical scans detect cancer and also used in heart procedures.

The reason for the shortage is due to a GE plant in shanghai china that makes the dye St. Francis’s medical center is one of many facilities here locally experiencing those shortage.

We spoke with Eric Liew CEO of Aoss Medical Supply Company about the recent shortage having affects in the united states. He explains, “Well no doubt there is a supply chain shortage in the whole world not just our country. Look at shanghai been locked down for two or three months look at yun jong one of major hub for medical supply have been shut down for two or three months,” says Liew.

The dye is a vital medicine to help save lives by better detecting blood clots and cancer through CT scans. Hospital’s in Louisiana experiencing the impact of the shortage, St Francis medical center dealing with the limited supply of the contrast dye says they’re taking every measure to adjust.

Statement from Dr. Thomas Gullatt, chief medical officer at St. Francis medical center:

“St. Francis medical center has made some adjustments over the last few weeks regarding contrast studies to conserve supplies for patient care. While we continue to receive contrast media, the supply is limited. Our physicians have been excellent care partners while we continue to work with our health system supply chain,” says Gullatt.

Eric Liew of Aoss medical supply also added are working with productions domestically to help with the ease of shortage and continue to keep those contrast dye fully stock at hospitals.