A Monroe costume designer wins big at Shreveport Fashion Week.


MONROE, LA (10/05/9)–William Shakespeare once said “All the world’s a stage…Even Monroe Louisiana.” Well….maybe not that last part, but for this costume designer she put Monroe on the map.

“When the curtain went up and they put the lights on, I remember going “Ohhhh” and that’s the feeling I want people to have every time they go to the theater,”said Ruth Ulrich, Creative Designer for Ulrich Artist Costumes.

Ruth Ulrich put her designs to the test during Shreveport’s Fashion Week with a “Steam Punk Wolf” costume and a “Witch” from the play “Into The Woods”. Little did she know one of her designs would win big at fashion week.

“The wolf was the first thing that hit me, the “Steam Punk Wolf” and so I did some sketches and things and showed him and he said I cant really visualize this, I trust you,” said Ulrich.

Ulrich has been making costumes for many years, she says she probably made over 250 costumes in her life. However, the wolf costume, which took her three days to make, walked away with the prize during fashion week.

“I worked with leather for the first time, and a lot of what you are doing is setting back and saying “Okay what else does it need.” We got a nut and bolt for a cuff link, buckles, gears, all sorts of things that we could come up with to add to the costume,” said Ulrich.

Ulrich says making a costume like this takes a lot of talent and imagination. She made everything you see on the costumes…down to the tiny details.

“You have in your mind what it’s going to look like, but then when you see it on those actors and actresses bring it to life, its just uhhhhh,” said Ulrich.

Ruth Ulrich is the first designer from Monroe to win at the Costume Challenge Fashion Week. “Into the Woods” will be playing from October 11th through the 20th at Emmett Hook Center Theater in Shreveport.

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