A local coffee shop and brewery join forces to overcome storm aftermath


RUSTON, La. (06/27/19)– Abigail Boothe is glad to have some sense of normalcy again. Parish Press the coffee shop where she works was seriously damaged by a tornado two months ago.
“Half of our building was ripped off, and so there’s no way of running a functioning business out of that,” said Boothe.

But with the help of another ruston restaurant, Utility Brewing — Parish Press didn’t have to completely close down, only relocate temporarily.

“Utility, not even like a week or two after the storm, had us operating out of here, so we really didn’t lose any business.”

Owners of utility berwing, says helping out parish press was simply a no brainer.
“We are both small businesses and we and to help each other succeed,” said Karl Puljak.

Boothe said fortunately the businesses have opposite hours, so it works out perfectly.
“They don’t open until 11, so we’re in here from 6 to 11, and on Sunday and Mondays they are closed, so we get to use the space all day,” said Boothe.

Puljak said it is important for local business owners to have a genuine camaraderie towards one another to help the community thrive.

“We’d like to hope that if we were in a position where we would need help, some other folks would help us as well, so I think it’s just a play it forward concept and idea, and we are happy to participate in it,” said Puljak.

Parish Press is expected to reopen at its original location this October.

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