A Good Deed: Local man gives back to the homeless for the holidays


WEST MONROE, La. (12/24/19) — It was just another drive home for Jesse Davis until it wasn’t.

“There was a voice in my head that was like turn around.”

Jesse Davis, Good Samaritan

As he was trying to get home quickly, he cut through a gas station and met the perfect stranger. Mr. Ryan, he was at the gas station and shared with Davis that he had been homeless for a while. Davis felt a connection to this stranger so he treated him to a hot meal and learned his story.

“I was walking and the next thing you know it was this voice and he said, it’s time my son,” said Mr. Ryan.

He believes, he was called by God to be a vessel for change, and while Davis thought he was feeding the stomach of a stranger…. It was his soul, that got fed.

“I feel like people fail to realize the bigger meaning of it. It’s okay to have Christmas gifts, but you cannot forget about other people,”‘ said Davis.

So he took to Facebook to try and raise money for Ryan, inviting people to make a difference in this man’s life.

They raised over one hundred dollars and Mr. Ryan wants to donate the money to children in need.

“It gives me joy, you know what I mean? Like I know that’s genuine love.”

Mr. Ryan

Although Mr. Ryan’s circumstances are unknown what we know is there are people like him, just around the corner, who have a story to tell. We might be wiser to stop for a moment and listen.

“Every person has a story, it just takes that one person to open up that book and read it.”

Jesse Davis, Good Samaritan

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