3 emergency repairs up for discussion at Monroe City Council


MONROE, La (02/25/20) — There are three emergency repairs needed throughout the city. Two of them involve the sewer pumps, the other involves the stormwater station. The city is planning to work on all three since there is finally a break in the rain.

To fully operate the Pine Street stormwater station, three electric motors are needed, with a fourth as a backup. However, about two weeks ago, that fourth motor failed.

“The electric motor has failed on it for an unknown reason. It has been pulled and is in the hands of the contractor as we speak,” said Charles Westrom, Sewer Manager for the City of Monroe.

Sewer services for North Monroe operate from the Texas Avenue pump station and due to all the rain, its bar screen was severely damaged.

“Its job is to remove large items from the water flow coming into the station,” said Westrom.

Now the city is looking at installing a temporary bar screen while they examine the original.

“There was something that came in the inflow and damaged it and that’s about all we know at this time. We do have a contractor looking at that at this time,” said Westrom.

The city of Monroe is working on a new sewer project to rehabilitate underground lines that are damaged.

“We’re smoke testing to see where the cracks in the pipes are where water could be getting in,” said Westrom.

Their project is separated into public and private property lines, where the city will send out letters to residents who might need to identify pipe problems.

“They could hire a plumber…that’s probably the most logical thing. It might be something as simple as a cap missing on the line in which case they just screw the cap back on,” said Westrom.

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