18,000 year old puppy found preserved in permafrost


Yakutsk, Russia (12/04/19)— Last year, a perfectly preserved puppy was found in a block of permafrost in Russia.

Initially, it was believed that the puppy was only 200-300 years old, still having all its hair, whiskers, and even eyelashes.

Recent carbon-dating has revealed it’s actually 18,000 years old!

It’s still unclear whether this fossil is a dog or a wolf, or perhaps some kind of “missing link” between the two, but recent testing confirms that it was a male.

Having tested all the different types of hair like substances (hair, whiskers, lashes), the next step is nails, teeth, and bone.

Samples are currently going through their third stage of genome testing to determine exactly where this amazing find fits into the evolutionary scale of canines.

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