FARMERVILLE, La. ( KTVE/KARD) – This inspirational event was created and hosted by 17-year-old future football star on the rise, Trey Holly and friends. 

“That’s been going on for the longest in this area where I’m from.” Says Trey Holly

“So, I really want to put together this little event that we’re having today to try to stop the bullying because I know the younger people around here look up to me, so I want to put together this event” He says. 

Holly says although he has never experienced bullying before, he says he’s close to the people who have been affected by it. He says his goal is to stop the bullying and bring people together 

“The older you get the more mature you become. But I feel like the only reason people bully is because I feel like they’re scared they’re doing stuff to fit in. My goal is to bring more and more people together as one and stop the bullying as soon as possible.” He says. 

Family members and friends also came to support Trey on this initiative. They say they feel very proud. 

“It’s a blessing to actually be able to support him in it because he’s so young. And that’s what the kids look up to, somebody who instead of doing the wrong thing, they need to be looking up to the right thing.” Says one of his family members, Akila Holly. 

“I’m proud of him. I just hope he continues to put God first in whatever he does and keep up the good work.” Says Trey’s aunt, Melinda Holly. 

Holly says he is constantly inspired by his late grandfather, and he hopes to continue making a difference for more years to come.