Here at the NBC 10 and FOX 14 studios, the weather team proudly presents Mark-The-Arklamiss. Mark-The-Arklamiss is a outreach initiative that allows members of our community to submit a local landmark or important community location to be inputted into our Baron weather system!

If you need some ideas of what should be submitted, think of a local grocery store, subdivision, school, church, or other community gathering places. Submit your name, email, and a message detailing what location you are submitting along with the latitude and longitude of that location.

When you submit your location, the location name as well as the estimated arrival time of a storm, appears on our screen (as pictured below).

To find the Latitude and Longitude of your location, you can use several different websites found on Google. Simply type “latitude and longitude finder” into a Google search, and multiple options will appear. You will need a detailed address of your location to find its latitude and longitude.

Here is an example of what your submission message should look like:

Place: NBC 10 & FOX 14 Studios

Address: 200 Pavillion Rd, West Monroe, LA 71292

Latitude: 32.504520

Longitude: -92.175070

This allows us to better serve you, and keep our community safe!

Please fill out the boxes below. Spread the word!


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