Woman dressed as Minnie Mouse fights security guard on Las Vegas strip

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LAS VEGAS (CNN/KSNV) — A viral moment on the las vegas strip after a woman dressed as Minnie Mouse fights with a security guard.

It was caught on camera, and now other characters on the strip are being impacted.

This now-viral video shows a woman dressed up as Minnie Mouse beating down a strip security guard, while her companion who’s dressed as Mickey Mouse tries to break it up.

Some parents were appalled.

“If you’re going to be out there trying to take pictures with kids and stuff. Then you need to have more restraint.”

Other parents shrugged it off and said they’ll use this as a teaching moment for their children.

“Everybody has a bad day, and sometimes your emotions get the best of you.”

Witnesses say the fight started after the security guard asked the woman dressed as Minnie Mouse to move from in front of a food court.

They say as Minnie was moving, the guard allegedly called her a bad name.

As far as we know, the security guard in this video was not seriously injured, but the pair dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse caused quite the stir.

And those most impacted by this footage are the other people who get dressed up to entertain tourists on a daily basis.

“It makes all of us as a group, like look bad.”

Like one guy who is not the Mickey Mouse you saw in the midst of that beat down, though a lot of people have been confusing him as such.

These performers say they’re out here to make people laugh and to make a living, but videos like this can make it difficult.

Las Vegas police are investigating the incident.

The strip sidewalks belong to the county, and officials say everyone is expected to conduct themselves appropriately on public sidewalks.

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