SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – A video showing the drivers of two big rigs aggressively bobbing and weaving toward one another along I-49 near the Stonewall exit Tuesday evening is going viral.

The video was posted to Facebook by a user who witnessed the double-axle drivers swerving toward one another and blocking the other’s passage said.

“I witnessed the most crazy (and scary) thing on the interstate coming home today!!!!😳🤯 I haven’t ever seen 2 big trucks fighting in the middle of road..and before I started videoing, one of the trucks hit the other’s trailer with his, nearly causing him to wreck😵‍💫 I literally could not believe what I was witnessing lol.”

Kristin Hill Wilson – Facebook

As the two trucks dart across the access road and back onto the highway, a third semi can be seen approaching the fighting truckers. As it pulls up on the left, one of the trucks involved pulls across the roadway onto the median before re-entering.

Louisiana State Police Tpr. Jonathan Odom offered insight into how to keep yourself safe and the possible consequences for the drivers involved.

Odom said LSP does not see these incidents with truckers often, but they do receive frequent calls for road rage incidents. They work with local law enforcement agencies to find the reported vehicles and get them off the road.

“This incident right here is a clear depiction of a reckless operation of a motor vehicle,” Odom said. “The fines in this are up to $500 or jail time. However, this being a commercial motor vehicle, the company can be held liable. There are certain penalties that will affect the company and there’s also fines. They have a safety rating that they have to maintain, and this would put points on their record. So this affects not only the driver but also the company.”

For drivers like Wilson who are traveling and encounter a situation like this, Odom said to consider your safety first.

“Any time you see something like this, avoid trying to pass them. Just call us and give us a good vehicle description so that we can ease drivers off the road,” Odom said.

Odom added that drivers should keep their distance from the vehicles involved and use their best judgment while being aware of other drivers near or behind them. He also offered tips to drivers to always be mindful of driving safely around tractor-trailers.

“If you can’t see their mirrors, then they can’t see you,” he warned. “Avoid cutting in in front of them. They take a lot longer to stop due to their weight, and it could pose an issue if you get in front of one and they don’t have enough time to stop. That could be a very bad situation.”

Drivers can call star 577, or star LSP, to report any reckless or suspected impaired drivers or ask for help if they are stranded or need to return to the roadway.

According to AAA, nearly eight out of every ten drivers exhibit aggressive and dangerous driving habits such as speeding, following too closely, switching lanes quickly, and making rude gestures/honking.

Safe Motorist says half of the drivers on the receiving end of aggressive behaviors admit to responding with aggressive behaviors themselves.

According to Safe Motorist, it is important not to react or retaliate, regardless of fault.

“Remind yourself that the other driver is just bad at handling stress, avoid eye contact and continue to practice safe driving habits.”