NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Three of the four teenagers accused of carjacking and fatally dismembering Linda Frickey have accepted a plea deal for attempted manslaughter.

On March 21, 2022, the teens allegedly approached 73-year-old Frickey’s vehicle, forced her out, drove off with her arm caught in a seatbelt and dragged her for at least a block. Police found her car at the intersection of North Dumaine and North Dupre streets hours later. 

Those allegedly responsible for the crime were identified as John Honore, Briniyah Baker, Lenyra Theophile and Marquel Curtis.

Before sentencing, Kathy Richard, Frickey’s sister-in-law, gave a victim impact statement on the stand. She said the family appreciated the teens taking responsibility for their actions and sparing the family from having to face the graphic details of Frickey’s murder. Richard added that she hopes they will educate younger generations not to make the same mistakes they did after they served their time. 

The teens then gave their statements. Mar’qel Curtis described it as the worst decision of her life, and she will spend the rest of her life making up for it. Briniyah Baker said, “That’s not what we set out to do, and I hope you can forgive me.” Lenyra Theophile’s attorney spoke for her and offered prayers and condolences to the family. 

Judge Kimya Holmes addressed the three teens, reflecting on the year and a half since the fatal carjacking. Holmes said that at the beginning of their time in court, they did not understand the gravity of their actions. She added that their crime left a negative mark on not only the Frickey family but also their families, witnesses to the crime and the city as a whole. 

Holmes cleared the courtroom to begin the jury selection for the fourth teen, John Honore. As the room emptied, Jinny Lynn-Griffin, Frickey’s Sister, spoke with some of the teens’ parents. “I told her I was sorry for them, and I felt that they deserve some type of sympathy also.” She explained how they will have to visit their child in prison now and that “Linda would have forgiven them if they just walked away.”

While the family will be spared from the trial for the three teens, Honore did not participate in the plea deal and will instead go to trial. They did not share a similar sympathy for him, “John Honore deserves no mercy. Give him the same mercy he gave Linda, none,” Richard said outside the courthouse.  

Lynn-Griffin added, “We definitely want him to get the maximum. Linda was pleading and begging for her life, so he deserves no plea deals.”

Following the announcement of the plea deals, District Attorney Jason Williams said, “The DA’s office will not be addressing the public regarding today’s pleas until the conclusion of all matters. However, we would like to highlight the remarkable grace of Mrs. Frickey’s family in response to the words of the three defendants who accepted responsibility for their roles in this horrific matter. Our hearts and unwavering support continue to be with the Frickey family as we fight for justice and pursue a resolution that honors Linda’s memory.”

Following an hours-long jury selection process, 12 jurors were selected, as well as three alternates. 

The trial will start Mondy at 9 a.m. The judge says she expects the trial to last two to three days. 

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