BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Senator Cassidy: Stimulus talks breaking down in DC.US Senator Bill Cassidy (R) Louisiana says stimulus talks on Capitol Hill have broken down , and he’s not sure lawmakers can come to an agreement now.

“I’m not really sure there’s going to be good faith efforts to restart,” Cassidy said in a telephone news conference Tuesday.

“[Treasury] Secretary [Steven] Mnuchin said it’s 50/50. And I would say if people are operating in good faith, where they really want to do something for the American people, we got a good chance,” said Cassidy.

He also criticized Nancy Pelosi (D) Cal for refusing to negotiate with Republicans on the enhanced unemployment benefit. That’s the $600 per week the unemployed were paid until the program expired.

“It makes me think she’s using that kind of pain from the unemployed to attempt to get a bigger set of issues,” said Cassidy.

The Democrats’ accused Republicans of letting the enhanced unemployment benefit of 600 dollars a week expire, but Cassidy says Republicans offered Democrats a temporary extension and that was refused.

Over the weekend President Trump signed four executive orders to extend stimulus benefits for Americans, including an unemployment benefit of $400 a week.

But the federal government is requiring states to pitch in 25% of that benefit. Some have questioned whether some cash strapped states can afford that but Cassidy believes Louisiana will be fine.

“I learned today speaking to the White House that they are going to allow the amount of money the state already puts forward to account for their 25%,” said Cassidy.

House Democrats passed the HEROES Act, which was their version of the stimulus bill, but many Republicans criticized the legislation and some even described it as a “socialist manifesto.”

Senator Cassidy said that bill mentioned “Marijuana” more than it mentioned “jobs.”