NATCHITOCHES, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Northwestern State University’s quarterback posted a message on “X” offering his “two cents” about the abrupt cancellation of the Demons football season and the overall management of the football team.

Tyler Vander Waal took to the social media platform to relieve himself of his opinions regarding the university and its football program.

“After biting my tongue, it’s time to speak out about this whole thing. My 2 cents,” Vander Waal then posted a screenshot of a note he wrote to clear the air.

The QB starts the message by echoing the parents of slain student Ronnie Caldwell, Jr. saying “Dr. Jones and Kevin have failed the players immensely. The canceling of the season was never about Ronnie. They used his unfortunate passing as a cop out. The lack of leadership was evident.

As much as I respected coach Laird as a coach and a man, he didn’t have any control of this team. As players we were kept in the dark about everything. The decision makers here thought it was a good idea to cancel the season and take away the only structure we had? They thought it would be smart to takway these player outlets during a time of grief?

Where we go to be together and have fun and play the game we love? To cancel the season because we’re not all mentally there and need more time to grieve and then start offseason workouts on Monday? No, I fully believe there was more to this decision that we will never know. this was just an easy way to get out of things.

Most to if not all the players in that locker room wanted to play the last 4 games. They didn’t consider the players in this decision and they failed us as athletes.

Tyler Vander Waal – Quarterback Northwestern State University