NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)— A New Orleans attorney has a plan to prevent one of the biggest problems during the holidays. He wants to stop porch pirates from ruining Christmas.

“People are having problems with porch pirates this time of year and I started getting fed up with it,” Angela Timberlake-Adkinson said.

Angela and her husband attorney Alistair Adkinson decided to keep the porch pirates at bay.

“It is not right whenever someone works hard and they buy things for kids, families, loved ones, and someone just takes it. It is not o.k., she said.

When Angela told her husband about all the packages being stolen in their Lower Garden District neighborhood—he got an idea?

“I just suggested off the cuff, maybe they could send them to my law office because we have an indoor door. We’ve never had any problems with packages being stolen or anything,” Alistair Adkinson said.

“There’s nothing worse than thinking a child or somebody’s loved one is not getting a Christmas present. I don’t want anyone to be a Grinch, I like the idea of people getting their packages, so why not here?, he said.

You can come and pick up your package, Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and then if it is on the weekend give them a call, so you can come get your package.

“As long as you come by with your name and your ID card, we’ll give it to you, no problem,” Adkinson said.

Turning his office into somewhat of a neighborhood post office is all in good tidings for the season.

“Our neighborhood has given so much to us over the years, so we thought we could give back,” he said.

“We are getting lots of thanks and people are saying we’re capturing the spirit of Christmas,” Angela Timberlake-Adkinson said.

And that is something the thieves can’t steal.

Alistair Adkinson’s office is located at 1539 Jackson Avenue, Suite 218, if you’d like to have your packages delivered there for safe-keeping. Be sure to have them delivered in care of A.A. Adkinson.