DUSON, La. (KLFY) — The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control seized more than 50 dogs an elderly man from a home in on the 100 block of Adam Lane in Duson Thursday.

The woman of the house was arrested on multiple charges including cruelty to the infirmed.

A former tenant of a trailer on the property tipped off authorities to the alleged crimes.

(Neale Zeringue/KLFY)

Adam Suire showed News 10 recordings of what was found at the Adam Lane home that scares him the most. In a phone video, Suire escorted a 91-year-old in the front yard asking, “It was time to get out that old locked up room, huh?” The elderly gentleman replied, “Yeah”.

For six weeks Suire rented on the property. He moved out days ago, but what he saw haunts him still, he said.

“I know this man like literally his hips are probably all fractured up because I helped him out the vehicle, and he screamed,” Suire said. “All I could do is just cry and apologize, and I mean she hollers and screams at that man all day long like he’s a dog.”

Pam Galjour claims to be a dog breeder, but her neighbor for four years, but nearby residents question that.

“I’ve never seen anybody here to buy a dog or pick up a dog, or anything. I’ve never seen a dog leave. Put it that way,” Stephanie Paternostro said.

Neighbors up and down Adam Lane admitted Galjour’s dogs have become a nuisance, even escaping in a pack to eat some of Paternostro chickens.

“I hope honestly that they stay gone, and that they go into better homes,” Paternostro told News 10.

Paternostro said she had heard gunfire before but didn’t know if it was pointed in the air or at animals. Suire claimed Galjour told him she did shoot some dogs. He also claimed she told him she was waiting for her sixtieth birthday to claim the older man’s pension.

“I think it was more of needing the man there than loving him”, Suire said. “If you love a person you don’t leave them full of $#!& and piss, or holler at them all day long”.

Suire filmed what he saw and contacted CrimeStoppers. The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office booked Galjour (59) for cruelty to the infirmed, a 91-year-old man.

Pamela Galjour (59)

“There’s a special place in hell for people like that if you ask me”, Suire said. “It was a horror show. Now I see old people, and I just want to go help them.”

As of Thursday night, Galjour is in custody at the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center. She has a court date set for 8:30 a.m. Friday.