DE SOTO PARISH, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — There is a little bit of TikTok fame in De Soto Parish.

To pass the time, 25-year-old Brittany Khamille created a TikTok account in late 2020, never thinking she would go viral for her southern comfort food. Known as BrittKham online, Khamille is originally from Kinder, La., but moved to NWLA in 2018, where she lives with her husband and eight-month-old son.

In early 2021, Khamille went viral on TikTok for the first time.

“I made boiled cookies, and it only blew up because my hair was down.” After that, she decided to start posting recipe videos that were not hers, just as a way to have fun on the social media app.

Khamille discovered Whole Foods for the first time and said she started buying expensive ingredients and making everything under the moon until her husband asked for some everyday food. “I was bored, like everybody. I was experimenting in my kitchen when covid was rampant,” she said.

Even though she has over 1.6 million followers, Khamille still has a 9 to 5 as a minute clerk in the district court system. She has worked as a minute clerk for four years and intends on keeping that day job, even as she keeps growing on TikTok.

In addition to her life as a wife, mother, minute clerk, and content creator, Khamille recently published a cookbook, Just a Little Bitta, in April.

“Making a cookbook was never in my plans; I’ve said that a hundred times. I was like nah, I am not gonna do that. There is no need for a cookbook,” Khamille said. But her followers, who she calls her “pals” online kept asking for a cookbook, so she created one. Even though she was unsure, Khamille says it is one of the best things she has ever done and even displays the book in her house.

Brittany Khamille, 25, of De Soto Parish, has over a million followers and recently released a cookbook. (Source: Emily Greer)

Her parents played a huge role in her cooking and recipe sizes. She grew up in a big family with three little brothers and numerous foster siblings. “My mama made seven meals, and nothing is better than those seven,” Khamille said. “My dad makes the traditional cajun meals, and he does them damn good.” Some of those recipes even made it into the cookbook.

Many recipes in Just a Little Bitta hold sentimental value, like the Mr. Wiggins Biscuits recipe.

“We have gone to the same Baptist church my whole life, and growing up, Mr. Wiggins would make these biscuits every single Sunday without fail, and he passed away, and somebody started bringing canned biscuits,” she said. “I was like, I gotta figure out what kind of biscuits he was making.” Khamille worked through trial and error until she figured out the recipe for the buttery biscuits.

Every recipe in her new book has a story behind it, and Khamille can even remember the first time she made all of the recipes.

“Food is 100% the glue that holds people together,” she added. Khamille considers food her love language and cooks for the people she loves to show them her appreciation.

Khamille has other hobbies and goals outside of the kitchen and creating content on social media. She hopes in the future to find opportunities to foster or adopt children in the system as her parents did in her childhood.

Her recipes live on TikTok, her website, and the Pepper app, a place for friends to share their recipes – on which she finally got the blue checkmark of verification Tuesday.

Khamille says she is adjusting to life as a new mom and isn’t sure if she will publish a second cookbook. She said it all depends on what her “pals” online want.

You can keep up with Brittany Khamille on Instagram and, of course, TikTok.