MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Louisiana State Police are looking for fresh new recruits who have a college degree or are close to completing one. They want you to come and apply to join their force.

Louisiana State Police have been going from college to college meeting and speaking with college students who have an interest in law enforcement. Last week, they attended Louisiana Tech’s career fair and this week they were at the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Michael Reichardt who serves as the public information officer of the agency spoke with us about why they chose to attend the college job fair to boost their recruitment opportunities.

“We don’t have a specific person or a specific college that we’re looking for, you know, a background or anything like that. Any education background is good for us in law enforcement and for all law enforcements,” says Reichardt.

Recently the agency has had a several troopers retire and now they’re looking to build back their roster of troopers on the force.

Reichardt also followed up with how recruiting new members with a college background can be beneficial to the agency and all law enforcement agencies across the force.

“Yes, we are looking to recruit in all ways, of course, but we’re in short of people right now so we need good qualified people. And a college background helps you get hired with us or with military or previous law enforcement [experience], so just trying to get the best and brightest students we can find,” says Reichardt.

If law enforcement is a career you are interested in or you want to find other job opportunities you can check out our jobs tab and apply for the jobs listed, for quick access to that page click here.

The career fair was put on by the University of Louisiana at Monroe, they had 18 different companies offering multiple employment opportunities.