HARVEY, La. (WGNO) — Dr. Orin Grant Sr. has always relied on the power of prayer to get him through life’s most difficult times.

But the Gretna pastor is using his faith to guide him through the greatest challenge he’s ever faced after losing his 20-year-old son.

“My life has changed drastically — it has brought a void in my life and a new journey. A journey that I will have for the rest of my life without my son,” said Dr. Grant.

Grant’s son, Orin Grant Jr. was gunned down while at his girlfriend’s house on Pailet Avenue on August 2, just minutes away from his father’s church.

“It was someone who was kin to his girlfriend, took him to the back yard, and back there allegedly there were some perpetrators — two gunmen — who shot my son in the back as he tried to run from them,” said Dr. Grant.

In honor of his son, Dr. Grant and other local leaders came together to address the ongoing violence in our communities.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto says we need more events like this to send a message to the young people who are often victims of violence.

“They never believe they’re going to be the next one, they never believe that they’re going to be the next person killed on the street. It’s not as easy as we always have the solution, sometimes we don’t, but we have to take the preventative measures in order to make sure their next generation is able to continue,” said Sheriff Lopinto.

Dr. Grant says he hopes the rally will serve as a starting point to get the community involved in eradicating violence from our communities.

“One of our messages going forward is collaboration, and effort all hands on deck. This problem is too big. We not only have a problem with killing with have a spirit of murder in this city and it’s demonic, it’s devilish and it’s diabolical,” said Dr. Grant.

Though nothing will bring back Dr. Grant’s son, those who attended this Harvey rally say they’re relying on their faith — and each other — to make a much-needed change.

The Investigation into Grant’s death is ongoing and so far, no one has been charged with his murder. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with any information to come forward — you can remain anonymous.