Local supermarket employee stops purse snatcher in his tracks

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SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/ KMSS)- A store employee is in the spotlight after his quick thinking stopped a purse snatcher in his tracks.

On the football field, you would never know 26-year-old Juwone Scott is autistic. He is fearless as he catches the ball, bobbing and weaving through defenders.

‘I always enjoy the sports every day,” Scott said.

So it was no surprise to people close to Scott. When they heard he tackled a man who stole a woman’s purse while he was at work Thursday. ​

“I had to chase him saying that’s not right,” Scott said.​ Once Scott caught up with the culprit, he punched and kicked him, but Scott won the battle and saved the purse.

“They just can’t take the easy way out or just take something because it’s just like a lazy pathetic excuse for a thing,” Scott said.​

In a Facebook post, the woman Juwone helped thanked him, calling him a hero.

“He does help a lot of people at Brookshire’s and we have gotten a lot of accolades from customers about him,” said Satara Scott, Juwone’s mom.​

Scott, says she’s very proud of her son.”I’m just grateful to God he made it through and Ms. Crystal got her purse back,”​ Scott said.

As for Scott, he said he will continue being the best employee he can and helping people in need.

“A real man stands for what is right and never walks away from something going wrong,” Scott said.​

The man who stole the purse is still on the loose and crime stoppers is offering an award for ant information that may lead to an arrest.

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