Local Organizations Examine Rising Issues Over Impaired Driving

Louisiana News

BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD)– April is Distracted Driving Month and local organizations are taking a closer look at how impaired driving is impacting communities.  

Distracted driving has become an increasing concern on the roadway, especially with impaired driving.

Louisiana Highway Safety Commission Spokesman Mark Lambert says, “Let’s say you’ve had too much to drink and you’re driving. It makes it much easier for you to become a distracted driver.”

This included not only drunk driving but also drugged driving.

Lambert says, “What we are seeing more and more of now, and this has been steadily climbing for a few years, more and more drivers are impaired by some type of drug.”

Although both are dangerous apart, together they are even more harmful.

AAA Louisiana Spokesman Don Redman says, “You see when we talk to state troopers in Louisiana also some of their DWI arrests and in some cases it’s as high as 50 percent of those DWI arrests are people who are strictly on drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol.”

It creates what’s called synergy.

“It’s the synergistic effect of two chemicals or more, so when you combine marijuana and alcohol. no longer does two plus two equal four, two plus two can be anything. The level of impairment is dramatically magnified,” says Redman.

Although the message may seem redundant they say it’s still an issue.

Lambert says, “We’re trying to drum it into people’s heads. Driving a motor vehicle takes all of your attention and it takes all of your mental paralysis and all of your mental coordination.”

Redman says, “Anything that impairs you should not be behind that wheel.”

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