Lafayette Police community relations committee remains intact

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UPDATE: Lafayette Interim Police Chief Scott Morgan tonight says he contacted the committee and informed them that “the decision was made prior to the new administration taking office,” and that he fully intends to reschedule the community relations committee.

ORIGINAL: The Lafayette Police Department’s community relations committee meetings are suspended until further notice.

Lafayette police says it’s only while the department gets a handle on things.

Committee members tell News Ten’s Renee Allen they want to hear more than that.

“This is Quiet Town Cortier , a community where the committee conducted one of its first walks. I spoke with a number of committee members. They say they feel blind sided by the notice that the committee has been suspended but now they want some answers.”

Alizna Dural is one the committee members who worked to put the committee together.

Tonight she’s taken aback by the suspension notice without any direct contact as to why.

I’m not sure how one has to do with the other as far as us meeting as a committee with the new administration transitioning i’m not sure why.”

Dural says the community relations committee was formed to bring communities and law enforcement together to make a better Lafayette and it was achieved at no cost

“I’m going to keep pushing for it, but I just need someone to give me a response as to why was this suspension.”

Committee member Carole Broussard worked hand in hand with Dural forming the committee.

“Whatever the new mayor does and I wish him success, but that i hope that he doesn’t abandon things that are a successful.”

“We’re bridging that gap between the police and the community.”

The committee that was formed about four years ago met once a month at the Lafayette Police Department.

Renee Allen, KLFY News 10.

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