GRAMBLING, La. (KTVE/KARD)— Grambling State University is welcoming a new police chief, one who has had a very successful career in law enforcement. Rodney Demery is a retired Shreveport Police Homicide Detective; widely known for his hit TV show, “Murder Chose Me”, on the Investigation Discovery Channel, and for solving 100% of his cases.

Demery says he is eager to begin his new role at Grambling State University.

“I’m really excited about being here. You know, again it’s an extension of what I’ve done for the last several years in Shreveport”, said Demery. “I mean I’ve had so many people call, you know law enforcement officers that I worked with from state police, FBI. All these people congratulating an offering their help and support. But probably more important than that, a lot of family and friends that I know in Shreveport and the surrounding areas have called and said my child is coming there this fall so I feel better about it. So that really makes me feel good”, he added.

When asked what his primary goal as the new police chief is, he said securing the campus is at the top of his list.

“I think first and foremost is securing the campus. We’ve been in contact with Homeland Security, and the National Guard just to kind of get the place where it needs to be”, he said. “On top of that increasing the relationship with the students and faculty for them to actually understand what we are here for”, said Demery.

Considering the fatal shootings that took place on campus last year, he says GSU is still a safe place to be.

“We have to provide a sense of security. I mean part of it is perception, And whether a crime has occurred or not or a couple of crimes occurred, people need to feel secure. We need to let them know an incident does not define an institution or a location. So, I think our first order of business is to show that we’re actually hands-on when it comes to security and safety and let people know there is actually somewhere to go.”

Grambling State University Police Chief

Joining Demery is Albert Ernest as Assistant Police Chief at GSU. Ernest is a former Orleans Parish Sheriff Deputy and Lieutenant for the Southern University of New Orleans Police Department.

Both are expected to begin their new roles on June 6, 2022.

Below is an extended interview with Demery as NBC 10’s Chelsea Monae asks a few questions about his show, “Murder Chose Me”.