BATON ROUGE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — More bills have been signed into law from Louisiana’s 2021 Legislative Session.

Governor Edwards announced the signing of 80 new bills on June 17, 2021.

Here’s a list of all the bills that were signed:

  1. ACT 292—SB 217 Provides for the Louisiana Import Tax Credit.
  2. ACT 293—SB 223 Provides relative to financing utility storm repairs and strengthening and stabilizing utilities.
  3. ACT 294—SB 234 Provides relative to expanded academic support.
  4. ACT 295—SB 238 Provides with respect to the Caddo Educational Excellence Fund.
  5. ACT 296—SB 239 Modifies the federal income tax deduction for taxpayers impacted by 2020 hurricanes.
  6. ACT 297—SB 244 Provides for uniform definitions of independent contractor and employee and for penalties for the misclassification of employees.
  7. ACT 298—SB 167 Provides for the transfer and use of certain monies to the Oilfield Site and Restoration Fund.
  8. ACT 299—SB 172 Reinstates the state sales tax exemption on sales of construction materials to Habitat for Humanity affiliates and for construction of new animal shelters.
  9. ACT 300—SB 179 Provides for automobile insurance coverage for transportation network drivers.
  10. ACT 301—SB 185 Provides for regulation of leases of land for solar farms.
  11. ACT 302—SB 188 Provides for the number of board members of the Louisiana Housing Corporation.
  12. ACT 303—SB 197 Provides for vehicle allowances for assessors.
  13. ACT 304—HB 271 Provides for a Transitional Residential Pilot Program for female offenders
  14. ACT 305—HB 316 Adds mucopolysaccharidosis type I, glycogen storage disorder type II, and Krabbe disease to the state’s newborn screening panel.
  15. ACT 306—HB 317 Establishes a fee to support testing and monitoring for harmful substances in imported seafood.
  16. ACT 307—HB 341 Provides relative to the parcel fee imposed within the Upper Audubon Security District in Orleans Parish.
  17. ACT 308—HB 342 Authorizes St. Tammany Parish to require testing for secondary contaminants in drinking water.
  18. ACT 309—HB 348 Provides relative to the procedures for sheriff’s sales of property.
  19. ACT 310—HB 350 Provides relative to office of motor vehicle fees for Calcasieu Parish.
  20. ACT 311—HB 396 Provides relative to fees for services by constables and marshals.
  21. ACT 312—HB 412 Provides relative to the reemployment of employees who have resigned or retired from the classified service due to injury or medical condition.
  22. ACT 313—HB 228 Provides relative to restroom access for individuals with certain conditions.
  23. ACT 314—HB 296 Provides relative to Class C retail permits.
  24. ACT 315—HB 347 Provides relative to the Regional Maintenance and Improvement Fund.
  25. ACT 316—HB 380 Provides relative to employee’s contributions rate.
  26. ACT 317—HB 381 Provides relative to motor vehicle accident reports.
  27. ACT 318—HB 386 Provides relative to appointment of special masters in certain civil actions arising within a parish included in a major disaster declaration.
  28. ACT 319—HB 415 Provides for the creation of tourism recovery and improvement districts.
  29. ACT 320—HB 452 Creates a domestic violence fatality review team within the Louisiana Department of Health.
  30. ACT 321—HB 460 Establishes the Rare Disease Advisory Council within the Louisiana Department of Health.
  31. ACT 322—HB 492 Provides relative to the prescriptive period for certain actions for abuse of a minor.
  32. ACT 323—HB 505 Creates the “West Feliciana Parish Schools” and the “En français S.V.P” specialty license plate.
  33. ACT 324—HB 531 Provides relative to the Louisiana Board of Massage Therapy.
  34. ACT 325—HB 545 Provides relative to the Department of Transportation and Development and the State Highway Improvement Fund for the expenditure of money.
  35. ACT 326—HB 572 Provides relative to the Carbon Dioxide Geologic Storage Trust Fund.
  36. ACT 327—HB 574 Provides relative to fees dedicated to the operational costs of the office of the coroner in Concordia Parish.
  37. ACT 328—HB 587 Provides relative to the regulation of unmanned aerial and aircrafts systems and the Louisiana Drone Advisory Committee.
  38. ACT 329—HB 589 Provides relative to civil involuntary outpatient treatment for persons suffering from mental illness.
  39. ACT 330—HB 590 Authorizes the board of the Capital Area Groundwater Conservation District to assess fees for capital expenditures and nonpayment.
  40. ACT 331—HB 622 Provides relative to the office of rural development and the Rural Development Program.
  41. ACT 332—HB 625 Changes the composition of the Avoyelles Parish Port Commission.
  42. ACT 333—HB 627 Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in St. Martin Parish.
  43. ACT 334—HB 635 Provides relative to core curriculum requirements for TOPS.
  44. ACT 335—HB 638 Provides relative to certain motor vehicle transactions.
  45. ACT 336—HB 640 Provides relative to industrial hemp.
  46. ACT 337—HB 647 Creates the Delta Agriculture Research and Sustainability District.
  47. ACT 338—HB 437 Provides relative to enforcement of the state uniform construction code.
  48. ACT 339—HB 449 Provides relative to the reduction of a child support obligation during the obligor’s incarceration.
  49. ACT 340—HB 491 Provides an exception to allow certain public servants and related persons and legal entities to enter into certain transactions with the public servant’s agency regarding specified property under certain circumstances.
  50. ACT 341—HB 507 Provides for electronic filing in criminal cases.
  51. ACT 342—HB 566 Dedicates a portion of the taxes collected on certain surplus lines of insurance.
  52. ACT 343—HB 573 Provides for the administration, review, and adjudication of ad valorem tax assessments.
  53. ACT 344—HB 585 Provides relative to homeowner’s insurance claims settlement practices.
  54. ACT 345—HB 591 Provides for certain claims settlement practices.
  55. ACT 346—HB 606 Provides for the Department of Transportation and Development design-build contracts.
  56. ACT 347—HB 618 Provides with respect to fiscal intermediary services contracts in state information technology procurement.
  57. ACT 348—HB 621 Provides relative to the issuance of identification cards.
  58. ACT 349—SB 139 Provides relative to sentencing when a defendant possessed, used, or discharged a firearm in the commission of certain offenses.
  59. ACT 350—SB 143 Provides relative to permanent placement of children in custody of the state.
  60. ACT 351—SB 151 Enacts the Foster Youth’s Bill of Rights for youth ages fourteen through eighteen in foster care.
  61. ACT 352—SB 170 Provides relative to the creation of the office of human trafficking prevention.
  62. ACT 353—SB 211 Requires in-service training for teachers and certain other school personnel on adverse childhood experiences and trauma-informed education.
  63. ACT 354—HB 656 Designates a portion of Interstate 220 in Shreveport and Caddo Parish as the “Minnion Dewayne Jackson Memorial Overpass.”
  64. ACT 355—HB 671 Provides relative to fees dedicated to the operational costs of the office of the coroner in certain parishes.
  65. ACT 356—HB 691 Provides relative to fee increases for the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
  66. ACT 357—HB 701 Provides relative to the Department of Transportation and Development’s authority over high-occupancy vehicle lanes on state highways.
  67. ACT 358—HB 710 Provides relative to the chief of police in the village of Dodson.
  68. ACT 359—HB 649 Provides relative to the repurchase of certain mechanical equipment by a wholesaler.
  69. ACT 360—HB 679 Provides relative to the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans.
  70. ACT 361—HB 682 Provides relative to the powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities of the Teche-Vermilion Freshwater District.
  71. ACT 362—HB 702 Provides for a referendum in St. Tammany Parish regarding riverboat gaming.
  72. ACT 363—HB 132 Requires newly constructed public school buildings and those undergoing major plumbing renovations to be equipped with water bottle filling stations.
  73. ACT 364—HB 167 Provides for removal of deceased persons from voter registration rolls.
  74. ACT 365—HB 286 Extends the period for early voting prior to election day in presidential elections.
  75. ACT 366—HB 322 Provides for the sharing of limited student information for the purpose of administering certain federal food assistance programs and for certain postsecondary education purposes.
  76. ACT 367—HB 383 Amends the definition of “caretaker” in laws pertaining to child in need of care proceedings.
  77. ACT 368—HB 544 Extends the period for which the Comite River is exempt from certain provisions of the Louisiana Scenic Rivers Act.
  78. ACT 369—HB 558 Authorizes the transfer of certain state property in East Baton Rouge Parish.
  79. ACT 370—HB 576 Provides relative to reserves for insurers.
  80. ACT 371—HB 646 Provides relative to the dedication of state lands to the Recreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge (BREC).