Gas stations low on gas following winter storm

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BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – If you tried to get gas for your cars or generators, you may have noticed many gas stations have run out.

Cars have been pulling up to gas stations and leaving moments later after seeing yellow and red bags covering gas pumps reading “sorry out of service.”

“I’ve been to eight [or more] gas stations looking for gas,” Kevin Wright said.

Gas is in high demand due to the winter storm leaving thousands without power.

Wright has been without power since Monday, and every day he tries to find a gas station to fill up his generator.

“I have a mother-in-law at home, and she’s on an oxygen tank, and I have to run it 24 hours a day,” Wright said.

Some gas stations like Murphy Express on Lee Dr. aren’t completely out of gas, but they’re only selling diesel or premium. Ryann Cotton works there and says she’s constantly turning customers away.

“We’ve been out of gas since about two days prior to the storm, so we get a lot of people that’s already angry because they’ve been to other gas stations that don’t have any gas and the trucks can’t get out because of the ice, so they’ve been frustrated,” Cotton said.

Other necessities like firewood and water have been hard to come by too.

“If you don’t have enough firewood with these temperatures, not being able to use your fireplace would be a major concern,” Tarveres Tate said.

Residents say they’re frustrated with the lack of supplies and hope more come soon.


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