NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)- It’s day three of the trial for Jason Williams and Nicole Burdett. The two were accused of defrauding the government of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The first witness is testifying now. Her name is Victoria Hernandez.

As we speak, defense attorney, Billy Gibbens who represents Jason Williams is questioning Hernadez.
Gibbens started out by asking Hernandez specifics about what she has seen in the evidence presented so far by the prosecutors.

Backing up a little, to Wednesday morning, District Attorney Williams and Burdett arrived at 8:10 A.m., walking together with their representation and families.
Both had very little to say to WGNO or any other media today but, Williams did confirm that we will hear testimony from his tax preparer, Henry Timothy, who they blame for this situation.

Before court began, the attorneys met with Judge Lance Africk in his chambers briefly. Once they returned, the prosecutors introduced dozens of articles of evidence. Most of which were Jason Williams’ tax filings from previous years, dating back to 2002.
Burdett’s attorney made sure to note that some of those records were from when Burdett was still in high school.

Next, the prosecutors called Victoria Hernandez to the witness stand. She was first asked to explain what her job is with the IRS and how long she has worked for the IRS.
Hernandez said she is a court witness coordinator and has worked with the IRS for 10 years.
Then, Hernandez was asked to review Williams’ tax filings and some records from about 10 years ago.
When the prosecutors were finished with their questions, Billy Gibbens stepped in for his round of questions for the defense.

The trial begins each morning at 8:30 A.M. and will likely two to three weeks.