Energy Center postal workers react to last weekend’s deadly plane crash

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It’s been nearly a week since the plane crash in Lafayette that killed five people. It crashed next to the Energy Center post office on Feu Follet Road.
Now for the first time, two of the postal workers who were in the building when the plane came down are sharing their story.

It was a typical day at work at the post office last Saturday for Gerald Soileau and Skyla Sam. They say they witnessed the aftermath unfold after the plane crashed, and they did what they could to help.

The plane came down just feet away from the post office. Between 40 to 50 employees were in the building at the time. Soileau and Sam say they rushed to help the victims.

They say they helped the survivor of the plane crash, Wade Berzas, and a woman who was in her car in the parking lot, identified as Danielle Britt. They continued to give aid until first responders arrived.

Lafayette Postmaster Jerry McCoy says Soileau and Sam went above and beyond their duties to lend a hand.

“They should be commended on the efforts they did. As postal employees, they responded well under pressure,” said McCoy.

Now that a few days have passed, Soileau and Sam reflect on a day they say they will never forget.

“If it was my family I would want them to do the same thing. That’s how I looked at it. I have sisters and brothers. I have a mom. My first instinct was to do what anybody that have a heart would do, to help,” said Sam.

“I got there too late. I wanted to, but everything was exploding. It was a lot. We couldn’t save them. We saved two people. That was it. It was so close. The plane came so close to this building. I just thank the lord that we’re alive,” said Soileau.

McCoy says they’re providing counseling for postal employees at that location, to help them deal with the emotional stress of the plane crash.

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