JONESBORO, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Emotions running high as the Town of Jonesboro may look for a new Fire Chief.

Councilman Aaron Stringer had some fiery comments surrounding accusations that Jonesboro Fire Chief Brandon Brown filed fraudulent insurance claims surrounding a two vehicle crash that involved two Jonesboro Fire Department vehicles.

Councilman Stringer says he’s very disappointed in how the town of Jonesboro has handled the situation.

“It’s like we were hiding. We’re held to a higher standard I think the sheriff had said on the situation,” says Aaron Stringer, Jonesboro Councilman.

Mayor of Jonesboro Leslie Thompson says that he understands the severity of these accusations on Brown, but says that the legal system will be able to prove exactly what happened.

“My position is, as mayor, I just simply had to let it be known that I just believe in the system. Word says that you are innocent until proven and guilty, and if you are innocent until proven guilty, then that means folk who have power to hurt you, or to bring you harm, probably should not be so quick to judgement,” says Leslie Thompson, Jonesboro Mayor.

As instructed by his attorneys, Fire Chief Brown did not talk too much at the meeting, stating that due process will ultimately decide the outcome.

The council voted 3 to 2 to keep Chief Brown with the fire department.