SLIDELL, La. (WGNO)— Dozens attended the funeral for K-9 Officer Kano that was held at the Slidell Municipal Auditorium Wednesday.

The police dog died from complications of undiagnosed cancer this past week.

Kano, an eight-year-old German Shepard from the Netherlands, worked alongside his handler, Sergeant Jake Morris, for the past five years.

“From day one, when I picked up that leash, we had a bond,” Sergeant Morris said. “He wasn’t like any other stereotypical police dog where he growled at you when you looked at him. He was super social. He had an intimidating look because of his stature, but a lot of people got to meet him and pet him. He was a dog. He had the business side of him, but first and foremost, he was a dog that liked to be pet.”

Morris and Kano gained national attention while appearing on the show Live PD, and the duo also gained some notoriety on TikTok.

However, Kano’s biggest accomplishment was serving his community.

“They place their lives in harm’s way every day unconditionally, show no fear, and protect their handler with their life, if necessary,” Slidell Chief of Police Randy Fandal said.

That was the case this past Thursday when Kano apprehended a burglary suspect after a nearly two-hour chase.

“My dog made the apprehension, and it was at that moment that I was filled with the most joyful excitement that I have ever felt in my life.”>

Kano died later that day, but Morris is at peace knowing he spent his last hours doing what he loved.

“Thank you for the best five years of my life,” Morris said. “I’ll love you, and I’ll miss you.”