BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Crawfish lovers rejoice, prices are falling as we enter the second weekend of Lent. According to the Crawfish App, prices went down $.50 cents per pound this week.

The average price for live crawfish in Louisiana sits at $3.29 per pound while boiled crawfish will cost an average of $5.63 per pound.

“Once a sack of crawfish drops to under $100 total.. this is when we really see crawfish sales pick up,” said Laney King, co-founder of The Crawfish App. “A typical 35lb. sack of crawfish can feed 8 adults, so if each person puts up $15 for crawfish and fixins, you’ve got yourself a good time!”

The Crawfish App reports crawfish prices are about 15% lower this weekend compared to 2022, or $.46 per pound cheaper.

So what could the future hold for crawfish prices?

“Inflation is still at play for the industry but this is a very optimistic sign of what we can expect this season,” said King. “So far this season we’ve got a solid supply of good-sized crawfish, with prices that are trending lower than usual.  And prices should continue to fall as supply increases over the next couple of months during the heart of the season.”

Courtesy of The Crawfish App