Abbeville Police Department installing security cameras in high-crime rate areas

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ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) — The Abbeville Police Department is working on installing security cameras in high crime rate areas in the city.

There was an unsolved homicide in 2018 before Abbeville Police Chief William Spearman took office. That prompted Chief Spearman to take action by working to install security cameras in high crime rate areas to hopefully deter crime.

Chief Spearman said, “The cameras were something I thought that would deter the crime and also help us if there was another crime to help us solve these cases.”

When Chief Spearman took office a year and a half ago, he prioritized installing security cameras in high crime rate areas in the city. Eight camera systems are already installed, but Chief Spearman hopes to have at least 20 cameras up.

“We want all citizens to feel safe not just the people in the high crime rates, but yes high crime rates are our priority in this time,” added Chief Spearman.

As for the funding, Chief Spearman says a local resident is helping provide the cameras.

The Abbeville Police Department is only responsible for the electricity and the cards used to record video on the cameras.

“In fact, we’re working on a case right now where a month or so ago we had a huge fight in the streets and we’re now picking the people out off the camera footage and getting arrest warrants for them,” said Chief Spearman.

Megan Plowden, an Abbeville mother who lost her son to gun violence in 2017, is thankful the cameras are being installed.

“Our police department is actually moving forward because now they’re putting surveillance around the areas in the high crime rate which is awesome. I love it. I can honestly say I appreciate that,” said Plowden.

According to Chief Spearman, all of the security cameras should be installed throughout the city by the summer.

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