Austin Allsup is set to co-headline the ‘Lone Star NYE LIVE’ countdown to 2019 party at Arlington’s Texas LIVE! venue.

He’s best known for his time on NBC’s hit show, “The Voice.”

“There was a week that I did a Bob Seger song, ” he recalled about the experience.  “I opened up my Facebook and there was a message from Bob Seger in my inbox.  Just telling me how great of a job I did on his song and then he shared it with all of his fans.”

Allsup grew up around music.

His dad Tommy played guitar for Buddy Holly and was supposed to be on the plane nearly 60 years ago, the day the music died.

“My dad was actually the guy who flipped the coin with Richie Valens for the last seat on the plane, ” he said.  “I know it’s something he thought about everyday.”

Allsup will never take his career for granted and he’ll help us ring in the new year with another voice contestant, Sundance Head.

“I know there’s a lot of surprises and some other things that not even we know about, so I’m kinda anxious myself to see what all  the night brings, ” he added.

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