Scammers take advantage of COVID-19 to target senior citizens


WEST MONROE, LA. (03/31/20)– Scammers are coming out of their dark corners to offer false hope and instill fear in those most vulnerable- our senior citizens.

“You must be careful when looking at fake emails that look real, like from the CDC or World Health Organization,” Jo-Ann Deal with the Better Business Bureau said.

Experts say scammers are after one thing- your medicare card information.

“Your new unique medicare card, is probably the most valuable commodity that scammers sell to one another,” Deal said. “So it’s very important that you understand that your personal information is of much value on the black market, on the dark net.”

Scammers take advantage of sneior citizens by selling fake medicare programs over the phone.

“So remember medicare programs are not sold over the phone, it is illegal, according to the medicare administration,” Deal said. “Callers that call you out of the blue without your permission without any kind of medicare service.”

To avoid these calls, install a robocall blocker on your phone. If you don’t know how, Deal says how is the time to get someone to help you.

Meanwhile, the most obvious red flag during any scam is being rushed.

“Scammers will try to rush you, legitimate callers will never do that,” Deal said.

So if you think something looks suspicious, talk to someone you trust before you act.

“Have someone else do research if you are not a computer user,” Deal said. “Let them google the number that is calling you. Let them give you information and facts on sweepstakes and giveaways on how they work.”

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