UPDATE: 12/15/20 9:15 PM — The passing of Mayor Johnny Natt leaves the town of Mangham in a somber mood today. We spoke to two of the Alderman plus one of Natt’s former junior high students who say Natt was a person who loved everyone and they’re going to miss seeing his smiling face around town.

“I only learned that they were sick–yesterday. And then last night, I received a call that he had died and I was shocked, literally,” said Zona, McKay, Mangham Alderman.

“He was wanting to do something big for Mangham. He really took a lot of pride and care,” said Lenette Romero, Mangham Alderman.

“He has been very dedicated to doing what he should do as a mayor. He taught in Junior High school and he coached. And there are still some that call him coach Natt,” said McKay.

“To this day when I would go up to him that;s what I would call him, was coach. I didn’t look at him as mayor. I looked at him as stil the coach,” said Malcolm Woolsey, Mayor Natt’s Junior High Student.

“He was just one of those kind of people. He was always busy. You never saw Johnn lee as being inactive,” said McKay.

“If I needed somebody to talk to, he would always sit down and talk to me about some stuff too,” said Woolsey.

Zora McKay was also Mayor Johnny Natt’s neighbor and says she loved having him nearby. See her full interview, below.

WEST MONROE, La. — Johnny Natt, the Mayor for the Town of Mangham, has passed away.

According to Mangham Police Chief Perry Fleming, Mayor Natt passed away from COVID-19 on Monday night.

The Mangham Police Department announced the loss of Mayor Natt on their Facebook page in a December 15 post.