Gov. Edwards Releases Letter and Video Urging More COVID Compliance as Cases/Hospitalizations Rise Statewide


BATON ROUGE — According to a press release from Gov. John Bel Edwards, he is urging Louisianans to be mindful of COVID-19 during the holiday season.

Gov. Edwards says Louisiana has now entered it’s third surge with a spike in cases of coronavirus and hospitalizations.

According to the Office of the Governor, you can help mitigate this by wearing facial masks and practicing social distancing.

The governor says with this spike in numbers, it is clear that there needs to be more compliance from Louisianans as the latest numbers update from the CDC shows nearly 212,000 residents diagnosed with COVID-19 and over 6,000 residents have died due to the virus.

Governor Edwards released a statement which can be read below:

Healthcare workers in hospitals across Louisiana are extremely worried about their staffing and capacity levels not being able to keep up with the growing number of citizens being diagnosed with COVID-19 and being hospitalized. They need us all to do our part to slow the spread. This third surge we are experiencing is worse than the others, and it is so concerning that the Centers for Disease Control has asked that all holiday travel plans be canceled. This year’s holiday celebrations should not look like those from last year. The risk is too great. I know that we want to be together for the holidays, but we need to protect each other and make the sacrifices now so that we can come together when it is much safer.

Governor Edwards

In part, the Governor’s letter reads:

The holiday season is among us, but unfortunately, so is COVID-19.I know that it’s hard to imagine Thanksgiving or Christmas without all of the traditions we hold dear. I come from a big family. Some of my most treasured memories were spent around the dinner table passing around turkey and pie. But it’s the people around that table I treasure most of all, and that is why this holiday season is going to look different for my family. 

Even if we have never met, your family means a lot to me as well. I have seen too many of our fellow Louisianans lose their lives because of this terrible disease.COVID is surging across the country to a degree that dwarfs the spring and summer surges.Test positivity, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are all increasing at alarming rates, both nationally and here in Louisiana…

Remember that outside is safer than inside, and always wear your mask if you are around people not part of your immediate household, wash your hands frequently, stay home when you are sick, and go out of your way to protect the vulnerable.This year, showing our love for those we care about means making sacrifices that will keep them safe…

Governor Edwards

All media outlets are encouraged to share the Governor’s letter and video message.

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