Warning Strong Language: Official Body Cam video released regarding accused police brutality investigation


MONROE, La. (Press Release) — The City of Monroe has released an official statement regarding the investigation of an officer accused of police brutality.

The official statement can be read below:

Transparency regarding the treatment of Mr. Williams has been our overarching goal since this administration became aware of his encounter with two patrol officers of the Monroe Police Department.

We will keep our process as transparent to the public as possible within the limits of an ongoing criminal and internal affairs investigation.

We have conducted our investigations with the highest degree of integrity possible and have also asked an outside law-enforcement agency FBI to conduct their own separate investigation of the incident and the victims complaint.

Today’s release of the body cam footage of the incident is one of several steps we intend to take to ensure transparency during this process and to maintain public confidence in the cities commitment to ensure that all citizens are treated equally said Mayor Friday Ellis.

The citizens of Monroe expect the highest degree of professionalism from all our employees including police officers and we will continue to work to make sure that we meet those expectations.

Our criminal investigation is nearing its completion but our internal affairs investigation is ongoing.

Our internal affairs review will necessarily involve a review of how this complaint was handled and the role of any other officers in the complaint process.

Going forward we plan to release additional information regarding how the complaint was handled providing it does not jeopardize any ongoing investigation.

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