Police say theft and burglaries are common after Christmas: How to keep yourself from becoming a target


(KLFY)- It’ll be more than raccoons coming to pay you a visit this holiday season if you aren’t careful with what you’re throwing away in the garbage. Police are reminding people not to throw big boxes away as they could lead a criminal right to your door.

“Despite our thoughts, criminals aren’t stupid. They’re not that stupid and they actually do pretty good on intel and stalking out locations,” Iota Police Chief Damon Daigle said.

Daigle recommends either tearing the box up and putting it into bags or waiting until the garbage truck is at your home to take it out. He say’s there is an increase in theft and burglaries around this time of the year. Police say it’s called casing, where criminals will patrol neighborhoods looking for their next target. It’s always best to keep your house door locked, even if you’re only leaving for a few minutes.

Daigle says there is also an increase in car burglaries around this time of the year. “Make sure you lock your vehicle, you get home at night, make sure you lock your vehicle. Don’t leave valuables where they can be see,” he said.

He also says not to leave your car unattended when it’s heating up, even if it’s just a short period of time.

Another tip Daigle says is to make friends with your neighbors. “While you’re away if they see a suspicious vehicle, encourage them to call [the police.] Or if you see a suspicious vehicle, take a moment to call,” he said.

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