Safety tips to keep in mind while celebrating 4th of July weekend


WEST MONROE, LA. (07/03/2020)– It’s 4th of July and a lot of people are planning to celebrate outside. Daily temperatures in the ArkLaMiss have been in the mid 90’s with heat indexes in the triple digits.

“The most important thing people can do is stay out of the heat, unfortunately people will be out doing summer activities and having fun,” Ouachita Parish Fire EMS Chief Randal Howard said.

So if you’re planning on spending time outside, Chief Howard says staying hydrated is crucial.

“But not only water. They need to make certain that they drink electrolytes,” Chief Howard said. “Some of the sports drinks, pedialyte, gatorate, powerade things like that to replenish the salts and minerals that the body is actually sweating out.”

Do not leave pets, children, or the elderly inside parked vehicles.

“Temperatures will get up, way up above 120-130 degrees and just do not leave anyone in an unrunning, unairconditioned car at this time of year,” Chief Howard said.

You should also wear protective clothing and reapply sunscreen regularly.

“A hat works great, if you look like I do, you’ll always wear a hat, but sunscreens are great and will protect you from cancer,” Chief Howard said. “The best thing is to stay some place cool and in the shade and enjoy a nice cold drink.”

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