Mental Health concerns amid pandemic; How you can help a loved one in their time of need


WEST MONROE, LA. (06/30/2020)– Due to social distancing requirements, many outlets that were once used for coping are no longer an option.

“The mental health concern now is just as much not the isolation of quarantine, but how we are checking in on each other,” Crystal Boyd with Finding Solace Counseling said.

Boyd said not everyone is willing to reach out for help. That’s where family and friends come in.

“If you’ve gone a long time not hearing from a family member that you used to talk to pretty frequently, those are the differences now that we want people to look for,” Boyd said.

There are ways to reach out while we continue to social distance. Boyd says a facetime, zoom, or even a simple phone call can make a difference.

“If someone doesn’t have a cell phone or someone does’t have internet service,” Boyd said. “Being able to be that friend or family member that lets them use your phone and allows them to have that access.”

Boyd said the most important thing to do at this time is check in on your loved ones, especially the elderly.

“Be able to speak up and just ask, ‘how are you doing?’,” Boyd said.

Finding Solace Counseling & Mental Health is also offering Telehealth sessions. If you or a loved one are in need of help call (318) 737-7201

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