Health care worker speaks out amid health crisis


WEST MONROE, LA. (04/03/2020)– While most of us are working from home, those in the medical field are on the front line exposing themselves every day.

Shan Winzer has been a registered nurse for more than 4 years. She says when she first chose to work in the medical industry, she never thought she’d be working through a health crisis like the one we are seeing today.

“It’s just been a lot since the pandemic has started,” Winzer said. “There’s a lot of questions, of course, from the patients. There’s a process of how they can come into the clinic, a lot of temperature checking, they all have to wear masks.”

Being on the front line not only puts workers at risk, but also the people they go home to every day- spouses, children, parents. Winzer says the fear of catching the virus has crossed her mind on many occasions.

“It’s frightening because it seems to be spreading so rapidly,” Winzer said. “If we were to take it home to our family, you know we may have family members and you know, compromise ourselves, so the idea of that and not knowing what to expect or what’s to come is really frightening.”

Although there is fear, Winzer says she knows her medical center is doing everything they can to keep their employees protected with the tools they have at hand.

“They are trying to make sure that we have the PPE that we need, but as we all know, there’s a shortage everywhere,” Winzer said.

Winzer says this pandemic has taught her an important lesson- we encounter heroes on a daily basis. Not only in the health care industry, but everywhere- law enforcement, grocery stores, gas stations.

“We all went into our fields with the goal of helping others, so it just would make this go away quicker if we all work together, whether you’re a front line worker or not, and just take into consideration that this is a hard time for us all,” Winzer said.

Winzer says while social distancing may be challenging, it’s the only way everyone can take part in beating the virus.

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