COVID-19 creates spike in ammo sales


BASTROP, LA. (03/19/2020)– People aren’t just stocking up on food and toilet paper. Guns and ammunition are also at a high demand. Hunter Simmons, Chief Operating Officer for Simmons’ Sporting Goods, says orders are already backed up amid coronavirus concerns.

“You know guys want to be able to go shoot their 22,” Simmons said. “They want to be able to go shoot their AR. They want to be able to have bullets for self-defense, so it’s kind of scary to think that you won’t be able to go out and buy what you need.”

Simmons says customers turn to firearms in times like these to feel protected.

“This is a scary time in our nation and having something to protect yourself, no matter what happens, is a big deal,” Simmons said. “We’ve had a lot of ladies, a lot of guys who have never had a gun before come in. We make sure that they find what they need, what they feel like they need, and we try to get them the best gun that fits them.”

Simmons says this isn’t the first time sales have spiked. He says this is a common reaction for any type of national crisis.

“Ammo gets hard to get,” Simmons said. “Guys are coming in and they know that ahead of time and they are coming in and trying to stock up now so they don’t run out.”

That’s why Simmons’ sporting goods prepared early in the game.

“We’re being proactive about it and trying to get more from other sources and calling around every day, so we’re getting new ammo every day, we are trying to stay stocked up,” Simmons said.

With coronavirus restrictions and recommendations in place, sports shops are doing their part in efforts to lower the spread of the virus.

“We’re making sure that we are wiping everything down several times a day,” Simmons said. “All of our guys, we’ve got hand sanitizer all over the place and we are making sure that we’ve got everything covered. We are trying to make our customers feel as safe as possible.”

Simmons says it’s the demand on the national level that’s starting to cause a shortage of ammunition. For now they are going to try to keep their shelves full as long as possible.

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