GSU international student receives her masters degree amid mourning the loss of the one she calls father


GRAMBLING, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– On paper, you wouldn’t know about the huge hurdles students have to overcome during their college careers.

Samanthar Corbette, an international student from Dominica, is one of those students.

She said her entire family studied criminal justice, so she has a natural love for law.

Corbette said while at Grambling State University, her brother called from Dominica saying their grandad, whom they call their father, suddenly passed away.

She took off a month from school to be with her family.

“I stayed in Dominica for a while, because the travel time to get there is about a day,” Corbette said.

When she returned, she said the work had piled up and she was overwhelmed. She said while struggling to catch up to her classmates, all she could think about was making her “Father” proud.

So she stuck it out, and now she’s completing her masters program with straight As.

“He would be like, ‘okay, what’s next?’ He would be like, ‘I knew you could do it’ but then his nose, we have a saying back home ‘his nose would have been long’ like, he would be so proud,” Corbette said.

Corbette said her next step is law school. She’s currently looking at 10 schools in the states, but scholarships are hard to come by for international students. She said that won’t stop her from achieving her goal of becoming a lawyer.

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