See how residents and the parish jail are getting by as water crisis continues in Tallulah

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TALLULAH, LA (02/27/20)– When a city has water issues it tends to affect everyone in the city limits. Including the water you drink to the water you shower in. For some, it’s caused problems for businesses and workers.

“When you are at work or something and you might have to take off of work because the water is not on. we are just dealing with a lot right now,” said Devrone sims, residents.

The city of Tallulah is under a declared state of emergency due to the ongoing water issues. It was set in place when several leaks were found throughout the city. Residents say the city has been known for these problems and they are tired of it.

“I’m thinking about moving away from here because I don’t see any progress in my community,” said Sims.

Not only has this been an inconvenience for businesses, but also the Madison Parish Jail.

“We have had situations where the water has been turned off before in the past. So it’s just kind of a plan that has been acted on before,” said Brandon Wiltcher, Public Information Officer for Madison Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Madison Parish Jail officials want to remind parents, family, and friends that inmates inside the jail are being taking care of regardless of the water situation.

“We’ve had a water trailer brought in for emergency water and of course, we have bottled water for drinking,” said Wiltcher.

The water trailer helps keep showers and the bathrooms running with clean water. Officials say if the water was to shut off, inmates could be moved to another facility for showers and hygiene reasons. In addition, Running out of water will not be a problem.

“Our warden stays on top of that. If it looks like it’s getting low, he can go purchase some more and bring it in. It’s not been a problem,” said Wiltcher.

Officials say they don’t have a timeline for when the leaks will be fixed, but we will keep you update as more information comes available.

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