Destination Louisiane: Panola Pepper in Lake Providence

Destination Louisiane

LAKE PROVIDENCE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Hot sauce is the number one condiment in the world and one manufacturing plant in North Louisiana is bringing the heat with its hot sauces.

KTVE NBC 10 Anchor Christina Jensen shows you how they’re taking the sauces to another level in this week’s Destination Louisiane.

Panola Pepper in Lake Providence makes, bottles and packages liquid sauces in a 75,000 square foot facility.

“So these fermented peppers are mixed with water, salt and other ingredients and they are added to larger kettles. They are cooked, further processed and eventually they are bottled by our wonderful staff here at Panola Pepper,” said Mike Coullard, President & CEO of Panola Pepper.

Panola Pepper also manufacturers a variety of liquid sauces, which includes about 100 types of hot sauces.

“Lots of hot sauces, soy sauce, marinades, marinara, different types of wing sauces and now we do drink mixes as well,” said Coullard.

Customers include local business owners and nationally recognized brands like Goya.

“We provide them an opportunity to come to us and they say here’s my recipe will you please make it on a commercial scale and allow us to go market and sell it,” said Coullard.

Panola Peppers also has its own line of sauces. The most popular hot sauce is the gourmet hot sauce.

However, the flavor of the hot sauces is not the only reason why the company is successful. The employees are a big reason too.

“We try to treat our employees like family and we really appreciate their dedication and hard work,” said Katie Coullard, Promotional Sales Manager of Panola Pepper.

Katie Coullard is the daughter of the original founder, Grady Brown. He started Panola Pepper in 1983. When he retired, Grady’s son in law took over as President & CEO.

“My dad started this company to create jobs in this area. He took his mom’s recipe for hot sauce to create this company Panola just to give back,” said Katie Coullard.

Katie and her husband tell NBC 10 it is simply amazing to see how far the business has come and they are happy to continue her father’s legacy.

“We feel blessed we are lucky. It warms your heart to know that he did something for the good of other people. It wasn’t for him,” said Coullard.

You can purchase Panola Pepper products on the company’s website,   

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