WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — One of America’s last video rental stores is located in West Monroe. In this week’s Destination Louisiane, Christina Jensen takes you inside the National Video Superstore. 

When you walk inside the National Video Superstore, you’ll find 35,000 titles. There are also video games, candies, sodas and they can order almost any movie that you want to see.

“When you walk in here, it’s an experience in itself. I mean there is nothing like it as far as in your house or at a Redbox,” said Steve Chambliss, Owner of National Video Superstore.

Owner Steve Chambliss said his family opened the store about 20 years ago.

“In the beginning, we had VHS tapes that retailed for $100, we had no competition. We had a protected window. It went from the movie theatres to us, but all of that has evaporated,” said Chambliss.

Chambliss believes the store could be the last video rental store in Louisiana and one of the last video stores in America. This comes as more consumers continue to shift to streaming services like Netflix or go to a nearby Redbox.

“It has changed in an aspect that now we don’t rent a lot of movies, we just sell a lot more of them. We just have to adjust to things like that. If they want to rent, we rent, they want to buy, we buy,” said Chambliss.

He also said transferring old home movies to DVDs is helping attract new customers. However, the bulk of profits come from loyal customers.

“These people that own this place they are good as gold, they are old school. I come in here with my son and they treat me like family,” said Shane Harris, customer.

Chambliss said that is what helps keep National Video open, loyal customers and good customer service.

“To know that over 20 years ago, we got involved in the business and multi billion dollar chains are not in it anymore, it’s an impressive feet and I’m proud of it,” said Chambliss.

National Video Store is open seven days a week. It costs $3.00 to rent a movie. Movies on sale can cost anywhere from $1 to $99.