FERRIDAY, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Louisiana Secretary of State operates museums that offer a unique look at the history of the people here.

The Delta Music Museum in Ferriday is on the list. The museum is located in the old post office.

“It’s a surprisingly detailed museum with a lot of unexpected sights to see and people to get to know,” said Shaun Davis, Manager of the Delta Music Museum.

The people include 29 musicians from the Delta music scene. 

The music featured: rhythm and blues, country and western as well as gospel.

“All these folks in one or another had an influence on the music and art that you enjoy, that everybody enjoys. This is ground zero, this is where it started,” said Davis.

Ferriday is the hometown of Jerry Lee Lewis, Jimmy Swaggert, and Mikey Gilley. They were first cousins who went on to have worldwide fame. They’re the reason why the museum first started, it later evolved into the Delta Music Museum Hall of Fame.   

“Over the years, it has grown and morphed into more of a hall of fame. Jerry Lee Lewis is not only the father of rock and roll, but he is the creator of Rockabilly music, which is just a fast-paced rolling rhythm and blues, if you will,” Davis explained.

A plethora of interesting facts are sprinkled throughout this museum, so if you’re a music fan, visiting is a must. 

“The foot traffic that comes here, just music lovers, history lovers, and I’ve been amazed at the international impact of the folks we have in this museum. I’ve had two groups from France just this week,” said Davis.

The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday. It is closed on state holidays an admission is free.