UPDATE: WEST MONROE, La. (03/05/2020)– A second arrest has been made in connection to the death of Cadarrion Buggs, 21. Detectives arrested Lester Jaye Ramsey’s girlfriend, Journei Tylyia Cyrus, just hours after his confession. According to officials, the murder stemmed from a previous incident when Ramsey accused Buggs of burglarizing his home.

Police say Lester Ramsey, 20, admitted to killing Cadarrion Buggs. Detectives say friends and family had not seen or heard from Buggs since February 20th. According to officials, Buggs was last seen with Ramsey.

“Mr Ramsey did state that Mr. Buggs did stay at his house that night,” Detective Justin Cummings with the West Monroe Police Department, said. “but he could not explain what happened to him the following morning.”

After searching Ramsey’s home, detectives found evidence that multiple rooms in the house showed signs of violent crime in which large amounts of blood had been lost.

“Following that we interviewed Ramsey again,” Detective Cummings, said. “He admitted to murdering Mr. Buggs.”

Ramsey admitted that after an argument he hit Buggs with a hammer until he was dead.

Journei Cyrus also admitted to being at the residence during the murder and when the house was being cleaned. Cyrus told officers she saw the victim lying on the couch covered in a blanket the morning after.

Ramsey stated that he wrapped his body in a rug and loaded the body into a vehicle before driving to Monroe where he dumped Buggs’ body in an alley. Detectives found Buggs in an alleyway between South 8th and South 9th streets.

“The suspect believed that Mr. Buggs possibly was a suspect at an unreported burglary at his residence,” Detective Cummings, said. “He then called Mr. Buggs to his house and shortly thereafter the murder occured.”

Detectives say crimes like this are avoidable.

“Ramsey could have reported the burglary,” Detective Cummings, said. “The police department could have investigated it and it could have led to us not having this unwanted and unneeded bloodshed.”

Ramsey and Cyrus were both booked on charges of second degree murder and obstruction of justice. Their bonds have not been set at this time. Hearing dates are pending, but officials say the case will go to a grand jury. Officials say they are not ruling out any other suspects. This is an ongoing investigation.

UPDATE: (03/05/2020) WEST MONROE, La. — A West Monroe man has been arrested after police say he admitted to killing another man who had recently been reported missing.

According to arrest reports, the West Monroe Police Department received reports of a missing person, 21-year-old Cadarrion Buggs, on February 28, 2020.

During the investigation, detectives learned that Buggs was last seen with 20-year-old Lester Ramsey on February 20, 2020.

On March 4, 2020, detectives spoke with Ramsey and he admitted that Buggs was at his home on February 20, but could not explain what happened to him.

A search of Ramsey’s home revealed evidence that a violent crime had taken place, according to detectives.

When Ramsey was next questioned by police, he admitted that after an argument he hit Buggs with a hammer until he was dead before wrapping his body in a rug and loading the body into a vehicle. Ramsey stated that he drove Buggs’ body to Monroe where he dumped the body in an alley.

On the night of March 4, 2020, detectives found Buggs’ body wrapped in a rug in an alleyway between South 8th and South 9th streets.

Arrest reports say that Ramsey also admitted to cleaning the home in an attempt to hide any evidence of the crime.

Ramsey was arrested and taken to the Ouachita Correctional Center where he was booked on the following charges:

  • Second Degree Murder
  • Obstruction of Justice

Ramsey’s bond has not been set at this time.

ORIGINAL: (03/02/2020) WEST MONROE, La. — The West Monroe Police Department is currently searching for a missing man.

According to police, 21-year-old Cadarrion Buggs, of West Monroe, was last seen leaving a relative’s home with a friend on February 21, 2020.

Police say Buggs has ties to Monroe, West Monroe, and Ruston.

Buggs is 5’4″ tall and weighs between 130-140 lbs.

If you have seen Buggs or know where he may be, please call Detective Justin Cummings at 318-397-6744.

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