A Union Parish High School threat was made by a student: A hit list was also made


UNION PARISH, La. — The Union Parish Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a threat that was made towards Union Parish High School.

According to UPSO, they were made aware of the threat on Wednesday, January 29. Detectives and school resource officers are investigating and say that they take all threats like this seriously.

According to the Union Parish High School, the school was still in session on Thursday, January 30. They say the safety and well-being of all students and staff are of the utmost concern. Superintendent Ted Reeves and Union Parish Sheriff Dusty Gates say that students should feel comfortable and safe going to school tomorrow, as always.

This is an active investigation and we will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.

“Lot of kids did not go. I did not send my children to school either. Because my son was actually on that list,” said a mother of a hit list victim.

We received a phone call late last night from a parent that was very concerned about her child’s safety at Union Parish High School. Because her son’s name was on a hit list. A list that she thinks is three pages long.

“I feel like they have taken it a little serious by going and investigating, but I don’t think their taking it as serious as they need to. It happens everyday. You may not think that that it will happen here in our small home town, but it could happen and I think they need to really take this serious”.

I also spoke with Sheriff Dusty Gates over the phone and he says a lot of information on social media is strictly false. Specifically the rumored number of pages in the hit list.

“That is not correct there is a lot of information being circulated on Facebook that is totally false. There were five names on it. There is a lot of false information being circulated and we’re having to seperate the facts from fiction,” said Union Parish Sheriff Dusty Gates.

A father is also concerned with the threat at his son’s school and he wants law enforcement and the school board system not to overlook the red flags.

“Key thing is that every school shooting or mass shooting, there’s been red flags. Not paid attention by law enforcement or the schools. This is the second year with this kid with red flags. He’s got mental issues and they need to do something about it,” said a father of a hit list victim.

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