WEST MONROE, La. — (9/21/19) A West Monroe man tells deputies he rammed into victim’s vehicle because she stole his wallet.

The victim told Ouachita Parish deputies that the arrestee, 62-year-old Robert Cosby, rammed his truck into her vehicle as she attempted to leave the parking lot of S&W Gun and Pawn. She said her head slammed against the driver’s side window as a result of the impact before Cosby then got out of his vehicle and approached her in an aggressive manner.

Cosby told deputies the victim stole his wallet from his home when he decided to go after the victim to apprehend her. Cosby said he located the victim’s vehicle trying to leave the parking lot of S&W Gun and Pawn, so he put his vehicle in reverse and backed into her vehicle in order to stop her. He told authorities that he would use any means necessary to stop the vehicle.

Deputies observed the damage made to the vehicles. Per the report, the victim’s vehicle sustained heavy damage, rendering it undrivable

During the investigation, deputies found Cosby’s wallet inside his vehicle, which he had previously claimed was stolen. Cosby then changed his testimony saying he did not see the vehicle behind him when he backed into it.

Cosby was arrested and while in transport to Ouachita Correctional Center, Cosby changed his testimony yet again and said the victim did not steal his wallet, but the money inside of it.

He was charged with Aggravated Assault and Aggravated Criminal Damage to Property.