Richwood man accused of vehicular manslaughter following a fatal accident


MONROE, La. — Authorities say they have arrested a Richwood man, Keith Davis, for vehicular homicide following a vehicle accident where he allegedly admitted to driving while intoxicated.

According to the arrest report, Officers arrived on scene where they observed a deceased black male victim lying face down in the east side of the ditch in the 500 block of Marx Street.

Officers say it appeared Davis was travelling south bound on Marx Street in his vehicle and another vehicle was parked on the shoulder facing South bound with it’s driver side tires over the fog line.

According to officials, Davis attempted to change lanes to get over for the vehicle. Once he passed the vehicle, he continued to proceed Southbound in the Northbound lane.

Officers say there was 120 feet between the vehicle Davis passed before striking the victim on their bicycle.

Davis then traveled an addition 48 feet before travelling off the East side of the street, continuing into Reed Street before going into the ditch and striking a tree.

The victim’s body came to rest in the ditch outside of the driver’s side front door.

The investigation report explains the vehicle traveled a total of 176 feet before striking the tree and the victim traveled 173 feet after the point of impact.

Following the accident, Davis was taken to St. Francis Hospital where a blood kit was taken and he was interviewed by police as well as advised of his Miranda Rights.

According to the arrest report, Davis stated he was Southbound on Marx Street when he got over for a vehicle that was parked on the side of the street. As he passed the vehicle, he struck the pedestrian who was riding a bike Northbound in the Northbound lane.

Davis stated the pedestrian then hit his windshield and Davis struck the tree.

According to Davis, he was only going 25 MPH because the speed limit was 15 MPH.

Officers asked Davis if he had been drinking and he allegedly replied that he had two shots of Segrams Vodka an hour before the crash.

The state data base computer system revealed that Davis did not have a valid driver’s license and this was his first arrest for DWI.

Following the blood kit results, the test revealed Davis’ BAC was 0.12 grams at the time the blood kit was taken. The crash occurred at 2:50 AM and Davis’ blood was not taken until 6:05 AM. According to authorities, alcohol is eliminated from the blood stream at 0.15 grams percent per hour.

Following authorities calculations from the time of the crash, authorities calim Davis’ BAC was 0.57 grams percent when he struck the victim.

Keith Davis was arrested on charges of Vehicular Homicide, DWI 1st offense, and No Driver’s License.

His bond is currently set at $251,250.

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