PREVENTION: Tips to protect your information, credit card numbers


WEST MONROE, La. (01/16/2020)– According to officials this happens more than people realize. Statistics show 46% of Americans have been victim to credit card fraud in the past 5 years. Although there’s no surefire way to avoid becoming a victim. There are some things you can do to make it harder for scammers to get your information.

“One way you can prevent them even being exposed is through e-statements,” Heisler, with Homeland Bank, said. “Pushing a lot of clients to e-statements nowadays on their bank and credit card statements, because you’re not going to get it mixed up in a neighbor’s mailbox, it just limits the exposure through e-statements.”

Heisler says card holders should shred anything with a credit card number on it, even if it’s expired or canceled.

“Don’t lay it around the house, theives could get their hands on that information,” Heisler said.

If you lose your card or have your number stolen, report it to your bank provider and have it canceled immediately.

“Most likely they’ll limit the card and close the card if needed,” Heisler said. “They will get you a new card number and then investigate and work on getting you your funds back to where you’re not out.”

Officials say you should also check your bank statements periodically. If you notice a charge you didn’t make, no matter how small, report it to your provider.

“There’s a number on the back of your card, I suggest saving that number on your cell phone. You’re losing your cards, but you’re not losing your phone now a days, that way you will always have the number that needs to be accessed.”

Officials say retailers can also help with theft by fraud prevention by simply asking for identification to match the name on the card being used.

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